Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Leadership Lessons - #1

As an executive coach I find the following to be some of the Leadership challenges of my clients and what is needed in their weekly and monthly tasks in leading others.

The first is the age old one of having the time or put differently prioritising. “No time” is an excuse. It’s about what you choose to do because it’s important to do (Covey’s quadrant two) www.asianefficiency.com/.../coveys-time-management-quadrant... e.g. spending quality time mentoring team members to unstuck them or simply provide much needed moral support. You get people who ask for help and those who don’t…do you know which is which?
Linked to this one is a sub-plot called boundaries and asserting. Putting down boundaries and saying “no”. You don’t have to attend every meeting that you are invited to and you don’t have to stay for the full period of time. Listen, contribute and leave if appropriate. Setting boundaries is a common flaw that us as leaders can benefit hugely from in many ways e.g. avoiding nepotism, favouritism, allowing fringe benefits etc which all will just get a leader into hot water irrespective of the initial sentiment of wanting to help and rationalising that its part of the big picture..

The second is related to communication. Spending time with peers (where you are not the MD) to build the relationship and to get them to hear you and acknowledge your ideas so that you can influence them. They sometimes don’t hear you in Board meetings so finding one on one space can be beneficial. Leaders want to influence to make a difference and to get ahead.

Thirdly it’s about understanding your team members and what makes them tick and what motivates or turns them on. Again it’s about spending time and engaging on what their motivators are. Relationships are the bedrock. Unless you have spent time building the relationship; when conflict occurs you have a platform to lean on. Trust will be there and you can say it like it is without needing to sugar coat or tread on eggshells. This also makes business life more efficient as it takes less time.

In my next blog I will share further leadership lessons via leaders who have real challenges of leading people and their organisations in uncertain times with people who have very different needs and aspirations and a market that is seeking true value from its suppliers.

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