Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Journey to Being Healthy

I started this blog in the beginning of the year as I embarked upon a new approach to coping with chronic asthma.

My health coach, Tania Kapp, has kept me journaling my diet and my exercise. She has encouraged me to keep training and running and on Sunday the 12th October I ran my first 10km race.

In the past I never thought I was capable of running 10 km but after running a 5km race three months ago (with some difficulty) I told myself that I have to push myself further.

I have also learned other things about my condition. By having lots of phlegm build up used to be :” I am getting sick” but somehow realising I can keep training despite the phlegm I have realised that due to my allergies it’s just the way it is but it does not mean much more than that.

As a result due to my new approach of:
  • -  Stay fit but have exciting fitness (challenges) goals
  • -  Ignore “minor” signs of phlegm build-up as just “that’s how it is”….it’s nothing serious.
  • -  Keep the diet going: few carbs, high protein, small portions, minimal alcohol and sugar, and 5 portions of veg; fruit only if it’s with nuts and biltong, very little (rye) bread.
  • -  Get a lot of sleep (7-8 hours consistently)
  • -  Listen to your body – don’t train if you feel “pap”. Take your temperature and your resting heart rate to see if there are any warning signs.
  • -  Drink sufficient water
  • -  Get out there to train even if bed feels great – the feeling afterwards is amazing and everyone else around you also benefits from your good mood.

As a result of this approach I have not seen a doctor nor had an anti-biotic since February whereas last year I must have had 10 anti-biotics! I spoke to a health practitioner last night who said that (particularly) parents insist on anti-biotics even when it’s a virus (anti-biotics can’t remedy a virus) they will from now on test blood at the consulting rooms to show the patient that it’s a virus and not bacterial. Added to that RSA is running out of anti-biotics due to us being such high users and becoming immune to them.

My health has been a real focus where I put it first. Don’t get me wrong I still stray from my diet from time to time and have a 5 hour night sleep occasionally – I am human. I have become a student of my health and my knowledge of my body has improved. I have a better relationship with my body.

It’s like anything…..when you dedicate yourself to the process you will get different results because you are doing things differently.

I am truly grateful.